RobertAgeNotes.Com, launched July 1, 2007,  is a weblog dedicated to discussion of all things related to the aging process.  It's a fascinating topic, more and more occupying the attention of tens of millions of baby boomers who are redefining what it means to grow older.

Hello, I'm Robert Knechtel.  While I could treat AgeNotes.Com as simply a personal blog as I move ahead in my own aging process, I would prefer that it not operate in such a limited way.  Years ago, I launched Go60.Com, a site advocating the elimination of aging stereotypes.  Americans seem especially youth obsessed which isn't exactly in keeping with the realities of current demographics.  Those of us who feel still vital and very much alive know that the lights are not going out as society would seem to have it.

Of necessity, this topic is wide ranging and can maneuver in many directions.  As I have suggested, I don't want to place restraints on where discussions lead.  I ask that you exercise good taste in leaving any comments and not use this blog as a platform to make personal attacks on other participants.

If you would care to propose a topic, article or editorial, please use our Contact Page to briefly outline your suggestions.

Let's see if we can make some headway in taming this beast called aging.

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  1. Phyllis Noonan says:

    I’m a single,active, 67 year old female who works full time. I have six children.Two daughters in their early 40′s. I also have a son who is 32, a daughter soon to be 31, a son who is 29 and a daughter who is 28.

    I enjoy good health. I do suffer from arthritis. I take a small dose of blood pressure medication. I eat organic food, do pilates, walk and do water aerobics.

    I came to the internet, for the first time of my life, seeking a way to communicate to my “thirities” children about the normal process of aging.

    Do you have a resource I can connect with?

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  4. I just got started with a blog site, and I’m really excited about it. I am a licensed esthetician in South Florida, and my focus is on anti-aging skin care for Baby Boomers. It will encompass several key areas: proper skin care; reversing sun damage; safe tanning; hair removal; proper nutrition for the skin. I am also planning to set up a comprehensive eStore for skin care and cosmetics.

    Your site covers lots of great topics. I would love to establish a link.

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