What’s This About an Anti-Aging Drug Breakthrough?

Anti-Aging Breakthrough May Not Break the Bank

By Michael Moshier

An anti-aging breakthrough that may have "as big an impact as antibiotics in the 20th century," is just around the corner," according to gerontologist David Sinclair.

The drug promises a long and healthy life - perhaps not in the form of a fountain of youth, but maybe instead, a fountain of fitness. And - Sinclair revealed - you'll be able to afford it!

Five years ago, Sinclair, a Harvard University professor discovered the molecule resveratrol, which targets a gene activated by calorically restricted diets. These diets have ensured longer lives for a number of laboratory testing grounds - from yeast to monkeys - in part because they don't require as much work to turn chemical energy into our body's fuel, which can damage the mitochondria. Since people are often dissuaded from such a diet because of it's stringent rules and guidelines, scientists are hoping for pharmaceutical shortcuts that do the same thing - thereby cutting down on the damage to the mitochondria.

Many gerontologists believe that most of the "diseases of aging," like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, etc., originate because of damage caused to our mitochondria. But if you could repair the mitochondria, the rest of you won't break down.

In the meantime, do what you can to eat healthily, because aging is process that starts - and stops! - from the inside out. Read my Report for more info on how to slow down your aging process.

Michael Moshier is an entrepreneur and dedicated anti-aging advocate. Mike objectively explores how to stop the aging clock – and even turn it back! He isn't out to sell any anti-aging products, rather to share the insights gained over the course of his years of personal research into aging and how it can be stopped. Read more about his research and comprehensive Report at, or at

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  1. I’m very interested in the Anti-Aging research. I am 45 years old and a mother of a 3year old. I need to retard the aging process.

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